Stay Well This Winter

With the colder weather comes the all too common cold. Every year I get at least one cold – that means a  sniffy noses and a tickly cough. It’s such a nuisance. So this year I am going all out to avoid this and here’s how:

  1. Go to bed a little earlier

Being well rested allows your body to be in at its best which is exactly what it needs when it is fighting off cold and flu

  1. Wash your pillow regularly

Where you lay your head at night is one of the places which contain the most amounts of germs and bacteria. Keep this clean by giving it a hot wash on a regular basis to keep those germs at bay

  1. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly

We all neglect hand washing at some stage but ensuring you get rid of those germs can be there difference between getting ill and staying healthy

  1. Exercise

Not only does it keep you fit but it can also help your immunity. Getting the blood pumping around your body and helping your body to get stronger in turn helps its immune system

  1. Wrap up warm

This may be a simple piece of advice but so many of us don’t wrap up. Dust of that hat, scarf and gloves set and wrap up this winter.


So join me in keeping on top form this winter without falling ill, ready to enjoy all the festivities this season has to offer.

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