Stay Well This Winter

With the colder weather comes the all too common cold. Every year I get at least one cold – that means a  sniffy noses and a tickly cough. It’s such a nuisance. So this year I am going all out to avoid this and here’s how:

  1. Go to bed a little earlier

Being well rested allows your body to be in at its best which is exactly what it needs when it is fighting off cold and flu

  1. Wash your pillow regularly

Where you lay your head at night is one of the places which contain the most amounts of germs and bacteria. Keep this clean by giving it a hot wash on a regular basis to keep those germs at bay

  1. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly

We all neglect hand washing at some stage but ensuring you get rid of those germs can be there difference between getting ill and staying healthy

  1. Exercise

Not only does it keep you fit but it can also help your immunity. Getting the blood pumping around your body and helping your body to get stronger in turn helps its immune system

  1. Wrap up warm

This may be a simple piece of advice but so many of us don’t wrap up. Dust of that hat, scarf and gloves set and wrap up this winter.


So join me in keeping on top form this winter without falling ill, ready to enjoy all the festivities this season has to offer.

A Stress Free Festive Season

The busiest time of the year is just around the corner. Does this thought fill you with dread? It doesn’t have to! This year I am determined to have a stress free Christmas and so should you, they don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing! Follow our top tips for having a stress free season.

  1. Remember you can say no

    Feeling overwhelmed and tires is not enjoyable for anyone especially at Christmas. You can still spend time with people all through the year, you do not have to fit everything in to the festive period.

  2. Make lists

    The best way to make sure that no-one and nothing is forgotten is to write everything down, from to do lists to shopping lists. Having clear lists always helps you manage the busy period.

  3. Start early

    The shops do this, so why can’t you? Get ahead of the game so you can enjoy the Christmas period without the stress and worry.

  4. Don’t overindulge

    Look to escape that guilty feeling by knowing your limits. Don’t load the cupboards with naughty treats that you bought for guests but actually end up keeping for yourself. People will still enjoy your company without piles of food!

  5. Keep it simple

    Do you say the words “we’ll just have a quiet one this year” and it never ends up that way? Make a plan and stick to it – know what you can handle and don’t exceed this!

So get yourself ahead of the game in time to actually enjoy Christmas! Spend time with friends and family and don’t forget your me time – Christmas is a time for you as well!

Can power naps actually help improve your day?

We’ve all heard the phrase, you snooze you lose right? But what if power naps could actually help you to get through your day? Lose of sleep or not enough sleep can have major impacts on your ability to focus and make the right decisions. With so many of us working longer hours and trying to fit so much more into the short space of 24 hours a nap throughout the day is a growing necessity.

Try and include a Power nap in your daily routine, the benefits could include:

  1. Helping you focus – just a short power nap can help improve your alertness which therefore can help you to feel a lot more confident about the decisions you are making.
  2. Relax you – being over tired and cranky is not the best attitude to have towards your day. Take a short nap when you feel those frustration levels rising to help you chill out and face everything with a fresh attitude.
  3. Fix a bad night’s sleep – we all have those restless nights where we just cannot nod off. If this happens and you don’t have the luxury of being able to have a lie in, a power nap is a life saver. Just 40 winks and you could feel refreshed and revitalised.

How long should I nap for?

10-20 minutes – just enough to revitalise you after a busy day, the pick me up your body might need to help you concentrate on the next task at hand.

20-30 minutes – clears your mind and allows you release stress. When you wake up you will be able to face the same issues but hopefully with a more positive solution

70 – 90 minutes – the perfect fix for if you have had a bad night’s sleep but have a busy day ahead.  Great for when you need that second wind to carry you through the rest of the day.


So why not try it! Fit a power nap into your day and see if you notice a difference in your concentration levels! Happy napping!