Getting into Meditation

Meditation is great for those looking to find that peace and quiet they have been craving. So many celebrities and gurus swear by it, so I thought it was about time I gave it a go. The truth is, finding that time in your busy schedule to sit in silence is nearly impossible but forcing myself to do this really has allowed me to clear my mind and my thoughts.

How do I meditate?

  1. Sit tall

Posture really is key. Sit on a level ground with a straight back and your eyes closed. But make sure you are comfortable; otherwise you will not want to carry on

  1. Relax your body

We carry so much tension around with us without even realising. This is the perfect opportunity to release all of this.

  1. Concentrate on your breathing.

This may sound a little odd to begin with but it really helps you relax yourself. Focusing on one thing allows you to let go of all the other thoughts running through your mind, so you can truly relax.

  1. Calm your mind.

Control your thoughts. Stop stressing about what you need to cook for dinner or which of the kids have forgotten their PE kits and focus on the now, the silent and calm experience you are creating for yourself.

There are no set times for when or for how long you should meditate for. The best way to start is little and often. But be sure to not push it on to the back burner. Make this a part of your “me time” and you really will start to feel peace and tranquillity if only for two minutes a day!

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