Overcoming your barriers

September is always the perfect time to reset your goals and set yourself new challenges. But sometimes, you get to this time of the year and you realise you are still struggling with the things you planned to overcome back in January. Frustrating, right? You tried your best, but for some unknown reason the same hurdles are still there. Instead of giving up, we are taking a different approach to the same challenges.


  1. Revaluate your goals – are you being realistic? The worst thing you can do is set yourself up for failure. Take a look at your goals and ask yourself, as these really achievable? Reset your goals and make them something you can actually work towards.
  2. Focus on the positive – look how far you have come since setting your goals, don’t allow the fact that you have not achieved them yet deter your motivation to try again
  3. Work out a strategy and write it down – figure out how you can work towards these goals and create a plan, a tick chart, anything that allows you to see that you are on track and that keeps you motivated
  4. Push yourself – don’t limit yourself, challenge yourself and get out of that comfort zone. It may seem frightening at first, but the sense of pride and achievement once you have completed it will definitely be worth it!
  5. Be persistent – things don’t always go smoothly the first time round and that’s ok! The most important thing is that you have tried and that you will keep trying until you succeed, perseverance is always key!


I hope these handy tips have helped to inspire you to continue going with your goals and targets or even set new ones! Just remember, change takes time, so whether it takes you a month or a year keep at it and overcome those barriers!


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