Are you a Night Time Nibbler?

One of the biggest habits we all seem to have is mindless or boredom snacking. We come home from a long day and put on the TV to unwind, but two hours in, we always seem to find ourselves back in the kitchen opening the cupboards or raiding the fridge, but the reality of the situation is that we aren’t even hungry. So why do we do it? Boredom is usually the answer. So how do we stop this? It makes all that little bit worse as we have been eating so healthily all day, then evening comes and it all goes out of the window. I am determined to put a stop to this and have been putting these five top tips into practise to stop my evening boredom snacking.

  1. Be aware of your habits

    Is there a certain time you reach for a snack? Perhaps it’s during a certain TV programme or a few hours after your dinner? Become aware of this and question yourself. Am I actually hungry or am I just eating of the sake of it? Before reaching for a snack, go and get yourself a glass of water, have a drink and wait 10 minutes, chances are you will have forgotten all about your snack cravings!

  2. Don’t fill your cupboards full of temptation

    Do you buy ‘treats’ that you say you’re going to share out over the course of the week and then just sit and eat them all in one sitting? The trick to avoid this is and to simply not buy these on your weekly shop. If they’re not there, then you can’t eat them!

  3.  Distract yourself

    Do you head to the kitchen at every ad break or raid the kitchen when there’s nothing on TV? Try something different, Facetime friends, flick through a magazine, water your plants, make a to-do list for the next week, whatever it takes to keep you out of the kitchen.

  4. Schedule your snacks

    Do you know you are going to want that sweet treat an hour after you have had your dinner? Regulate and schedule this, allowing yourself a regulated snacks prevents you overindulging and going for everything in sight.

    5.Don’t deprive yourself

    Trying to keep yourself on a strict diet is what can lead to stints of binge snacking. Allow yourself the odd treat every now and again, restricting yourself and forcing yourself to avoid certain foods can cause you to snack even heavier on them then you would if you just reduced your intake.


This weekend try out these five tips and gain control over your snacking again. Remember the key is balance, treat yourself every now and again to foods you enjoy, just don’t make a habit of it and before you know it; you will be the master of your cravings.

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