5 top tips to be less anxious and de-stress

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Hello Everyone,

Are you feeling anxious – I know I am. What about? To be honest I am not actually sure, it’s more of a general feeling. It is well known that women are the “worrying sex”. The pressures of daily life are taking its toll and the constant struggle to juggle family life, work life and a social life certainly leave me us in anxious state. The truth is, there is always something to do or someone to worry about, but this build up of stress and anxiety can lead to a massive weight loss or gain, neither of which is healthy or sustainable.

So, what is the solution? This week I’ve been trying out some techniques to bring my levels of stress and anxiety down and here are my five top tips:

  1. Make some ‘me’ time

Whether you manage to get a whole hour or can only squeeze in five minutes, take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, put on some relaxing music or just put your feet up with a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter when it is or for how long, the most important thing is you take some time for just yourself and no one else

  1. Get Active

Exercise helps both the body and mind to distress. It enables you to clear your mind and focus on something else if only for a short while. With the warmer evenings I’ve been taking an evening walk.

  1. Focus on the right now

A lot of the time worry, stress and anxiety comes from a situation which has not and potentially will not happen. Remind yourself that everything is ok right now, then sit down and create an action plan to make yourself feel better about the situation and the best way to deal with it going forward.

  1. Get enough sleep

The recommended number of hours for an adult is eight. Your body needs rest and the less it has the more likely your anxiety levels are to rise. I’m a terrible insomniac, so I really do know how damaging a sleepless night or three can be.

  1. Reduce your caffeine intake

It may seem like some days coffee is the only thing getting you through, but in actual fact too much caffeine can  lead to heart palpitations and an over active nervous system, all of which only hinders lowering your stress and anxiety levels.

We women are the queens of multi-tasking, but there comes point when it all gets too much and our stress levels get the better of us. These small changes can really make a huge difference, so whether you use all five or just one of these tips, I wish you all an enjoyable and stress free weekend!

The Best Bikini For Your Body

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Bikini season is upon us and this year I am facing it with a new approach, instead of the age old question of how do I get my body to look good in this bikini? I am turning this on its head and asking does this bikini make my body look good?

All body types are different so there is no way that we are all going to look fabulous in the same style or cut of bikini. I have identified the main body shapes below alongside some helpful advice to help you to be able to find the best bikini to suit your body.

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Description: This is the ladies who have a fuller bust, thighs and bottom.

Bikini Advice:  Use this summer to embrace your curves by using colour blocking or high waisted bottoms to really highlight and show off your curves.

Pear Shape

Description: Hips wider than your shoulders?  Then this makes you a pear shape.

Bikini Advice: When shopping for bikinis your focus should be balance. The aim is to draw attention away from the bottom half and towards the top half to balance the body out. In bikini terms this means two tone, go bold with a patterned on the top but ensure to stay plain on the bottom.

Inverted Triangle

Description: This translates as top heavy; your bottom half is smaller than your top half with little definition between the waist and hips but with wider shoulders.

Bikini Advice: When looking for a bikini, go for a structured top and look to draw attention to your bottom half so opt for colour on the bottom and stick to plain on the top.


Description: A simple straight up, straight down.

 Bikini Advice: If you fit into this category then you want to create the illusion of curves. The best piece of advice for this body type is go wild with frills, prints and ruffles! Or if you are feeling brave why not even try a tie-side bikini bottom to really create those curves.

Now, let the bikini shopping commence and remember ladies, this summer make confidence your ultimate beach accessory!

Time for a Berrylicious Summer!

Hello everyone,

Despite the dreary UK weather, June is here and summer is upon us!

Here at Jane Plan, the excitement of summer began the arrival of our weekly fruit basket. Usually we just receive the standard – apples, bananas and grapes, but this week we had our own little ray of sunshine in the form of berries.  Berries are one of the healthiest foods there are and they satisfy the craving for a sweet treat so having them in the fridge or fruit bowl helps to reduce the temptation of any naughty nibbling!

Berries are full of antioxidants which help to prevent cell damage and can help to reduce the risk of contracting a wide range of diseases, with this in mind why not check out some of the berries we have been loving and try them out for yourself!

Here are two of our new current summer favourites:



As the name suggests these berries are half way between a strawberry and a raspberry. Grown specifically for their yummy taste, these little berries combine the ultimate summer tastes so therefore are perfect as a snack or thrown into porridge or as part of a smoothie.



 These little berries are the original strawberry hybrids, they look like a strawberry but taste like a pineapple. Their unique appearance and tropical flavour is a whole new taste sensation which also counts as one of your five a day!  This delicious summer fruit really pushes your berry boundaries and revamps your summer fruit bowl.

It is safe to say these berries went down a treat with the Jane Plan team and gave us all that feel good summer feeling, so go ahead,  try it for yourself and kick start your berrylicious summer!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx