Fall in love… with yourself


At Jane Plan we believe that losing weight isn’t about looking good or being skinny, or even fitting into a smaller size of jeans – it’s about being healthier. I sometimes think we’re a lone voice in the weight loss world, trying to get away from the stereo type of a diet company – one who makes women feel insecure because they aren’t built like Barbie and can’t wear a yellow bikini on the beach!  I want women to embark on a journey with us, to feel healthier, more confident and to learn to love themselves. Being a healthy weight is part of that journey – but being able to wear a yellow bikini isn’t!

That’s why I was absolutely thrilled this week when  I came across a great video Weight Watchers UK talking about what makes a strong relationship, with other people and with ourselves.

In the video, several women were asked about what they think makes their relationships strong. It was really lovely to hear the answers that came up, with some of the women having been friends for years. The discussion then moved on to what is special about the women’s relationship with themselves, which was slightly disheartening to see. A statistic then came up that of a poll of 2,000 women, 82% admitted that they need a stronger relationship with themselves.

This video got me thinking about how hard we can be on ourselves and how many women don’t value their relationship with themselves as much as their relationships with other people. It’s almost a strange idea to treat ourselves similarly to how we treat our friends, but why?

This idea really resonated with me and the whole team at Jane Plan and we’re glad to see that another weight loss company is supporting the idea that we all need to treat ourselves better, and not be so hard on ourselves. When we fail at something, whether it’s in our careers or personal relationships, it’s very difficult to draw a line under it in the way that you would if a friend had failed or disappointed you. Well done Weight Watchers!

This is a shame, and whilst it’s easier said than done, we should all try to not be so hard on ourselves. Making time for ourselves, like you would for a friend or family member, should be something that we actively try to do. Trying to think more positively and be more mindful can also be beneficial, and can have benefits for our health and body as well. It doesn’t even need to be that difficult, small things, like carving out an hour of the day to spend by yourself, can make a difference. Stop telling yourself that you’ll start making time for yourself when things have calmed down at work, or on the weekend, and start right now!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx

One thought on “Fall in love… with yourself

  1. It is true that fat people and very thin people often have psychological problems, a multi disciplinary approach can provide great benefit,

    In military terms we call this “combined arms”.

    One did recently notice a model in gym kit on the front of a women’s health mag and did realise that it is setting high goals, for she who does nothing but look amazing will do so.

    Feminism is the fight for equal rights, before the law, for women and has a most interesting history, and so, in closing, i say to dieters…. To the barricades !


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