My 3 Starting Steps to Weight Loss

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Now that we’re more than a week into January, most of us are back into our daily routine and it seems like the right time to start working towards our New Years Resolutions – no excuses! However, having made a resolution to lose weight (just which make sure it’s an achievable resolution), it can be difficult to know where to start.

Having lost more than 2 stone myself, I know how daunting it seems when you’re starting on your weight loss journey. So here are my suggestions for the first 3 steps you could take to lose weight:

Reduce your portion size 

I’m often asked if there is one thing you can do that would make a real difference to weight loss. I always answer with portion control, because even if you have a healthy diet, if you’re eating too much, you will put on weight. So I suggest that you cut your portions by about a third when trying to lose weight. Following our golden rules can help you do this.

Cut calories

Reducing your calorie intake by even 500 calories a day can really make a difference to your weight. Reducing your portion size will help you do this, but it’s also a good idea to swap some foods out of your diet. In fact, you can lose a pound a week just by cutting out a few small things from your diet. For example, if you always swapped your morning latte and muffin for an Americano with milk and a banana, you would cut 500 calories before you even got to work!

Walk more

You don’t have to join a fitness class or gym to become more active. It’s possible to add exercise and activity into your daily routine with some small changes. For example, consider whether you can add walking into your commute; or try walking round the house during TV ad breaks. For more tips click here.

I wish you lots of luck as you start on your weight loss journey. If you need more advice, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or check out our website.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx


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