My Tough Mudder Training

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As some of you may know, last year Team Jane Plan signed up for the Tough Mudder London West race, which takes place on 30th April 2016. If you haven’t heard about Tough Mudder then do check it out! Scarey – right?

Now there’s only 3 months to do, the entire team at Jane Plan have started their Tough Mudder training, and everyone is really excited (and slightly anxious), as we all try to work up to being fit enough to run/walk and struggle for 20km.

As with many women my age, I used to be much fitter, but the last few years have been so hectic as Jane Plan has taken off and family life is always so busy, and it’s taken a toll on my fitness levels. But I’ve been spurned on by my young, energetic team at Jane Plan, and I’ve adopted the attitude ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’ So I’ve tried to throw myself into training for Tough Mudder, which includes completing a 5km run this weekend.

It’s true that at this time of year, it can be much more challenging to motivate yourself to exercise. But I’m determined to keep up the momentum, and am mentally preparing myself for the challenge. Be under no illusion, I will be running at a pace most people could briskly walk at; but I know that I have enough time to whip myself into shape so I can be ready when April comes round.

So if anyone happens to see me hobbling around by the Thames in South West London (possibly accompanied by my energetic and super-fit 13 year old son), please cheer me on and wish me good luck!

Have a great weekend,

Jane xx

Fall in love… with yourself


At Jane Plan we believe that losing weight isn’t about looking good or being skinny, or even fitting into a smaller size of jeans – it’s about being healthier. I sometimes think we’re a lone voice in the weight loss world, trying to get away from the stereo type of a diet company – one who makes women feel insecure because they aren’t built like Barbie and can’t wear a yellow bikini on the beach!  I want women to embark on a journey with us, to feel healthier, more confident and to learn to love themselves. Being a healthy weight is part of that journey – but being able to wear a yellow bikini isn’t!

That’s why I was absolutely thrilled this week when  I came across a great video Weight Watchers UK talking about what makes a strong relationship, with other people and with ourselves.

In the video, several women were asked about what they think makes their relationships strong. It was really lovely to hear the answers that came up, with some of the women having been friends for years. The discussion then moved on to what is special about the women’s relationship with themselves, which was slightly disheartening to see. A statistic then came up that of a poll of 2,000 women, 82% admitted that they need a stronger relationship with themselves.

This video got me thinking about how hard we can be on ourselves and how many women don’t value their relationship with themselves as much as their relationships with other people. It’s almost a strange idea to treat ourselves similarly to how we treat our friends, but why?

This idea really resonated with me and the whole team at Jane Plan and we’re glad to see that another weight loss company is supporting the idea that we all need to treat ourselves better, and not be so hard on ourselves. When we fail at something, whether it’s in our careers or personal relationships, it’s very difficult to draw a line under it in the way that you would if a friend had failed or disappointed you. Well done Weight Watchers!

This is a shame, and whilst it’s easier said than done, we should all try to not be so hard on ourselves. Making time for ourselves, like you would for a friend or family member, should be something that we actively try to do. Trying to think more positively and be more mindful can also be beneficial, and can have benefits for our health and body as well. It doesn’t even need to be that difficult, small things, like carving out an hour of the day to spend by yourself, can make a difference. Stop telling yourself that you’ll start making time for yourself when things have calmed down at work, or on the weekend, and start right now!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx

Jane Plan in the Press

Press - 15th Jan

This was a great week at Jane Plan and full of positivity, with a number of new clients getting in touch via Facebook and Twitter to report great weight loss results. It’s been lovely to hear that many Jane Planners are making good on their New Year’s resolutions!

We’ve also had quite a bit of press coverage recently, with Jane Plan recipes featured in My Weekly, and reviews appearing in OK! and New Magazine. I even had an interview with Prima magazine!

Not only this, but several Jane Planners have featured in the press recently. We’ve had the lovely Caroline Geraerts in Woman’s Own, Sharon Strange in Pick Me Up, and Carole Ann Rice in Woman & Home. I love seeing Jane Planners being pampered at photoshoots and hearing about all their successes. Believe me, I know losing weight isn’t easy so that’s why you should take a moment and pat yourselves on the back for all your hard work!

Hopefully anyone who is thinking of losing weight will also be inspired by their successes. If you’re thinking of losing weight in 2016, try and keep in mind our 2016 motto: ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t!’

With this saying in mind, I hope you’ll all try to do something new or challenging this weekend, whether it’s making a serious commitment to lose weight, or trying out a new sport. Please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email and tell us your successes!

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx

My 3 Starting Steps to Weight Loss

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Now that we’re more than a week into January, most of us are back into our daily routine and it seems like the right time to start working towards our New Years Resolutions – no excuses! However, having made a resolution to lose weight (just which make sure it’s an achievable resolution), it can be difficult to know where to start.

Having lost more than 2 stone myself, I know how daunting it seems when you’re starting on your weight loss journey. So here are my suggestions for the first 3 steps you could take to lose weight:

Reduce your portion size 

I’m often asked if there is one thing you can do that would make a real difference to weight loss. I always answer with portion control, because even if you have a healthy diet, if you’re eating too much, you will put on weight. So I suggest that you cut your portions by about a third when trying to lose weight. Following our golden rules can help you do this.

Cut calories

Reducing your calorie intake by even 500 calories a day can really make a difference to your weight. Reducing your portion size will help you do this, but it’s also a good idea to swap some foods out of your diet. In fact, you can lose a pound a week just by cutting out a few small things from your diet. For example, if you always swapped your morning latte and muffin for an Americano with milk and a banana, you would cut 500 calories before you even got to work!

Walk more

You don’t have to join a fitness class or gym to become more active. It’s possible to add exercise and activity into your daily routine with some small changes. For example, consider whether you can add walking into your commute; or try walking round the house during TV ad breaks. For more tips click here.

I wish you lots of luck as you start on your weight loss journey. If you need more advice, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or check out our website.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx


Top Tips For Making a New Year’s Resolution

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Happy 2016 everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the New Year celebrations!

Whether it was a drunken promise around the dinner table or something well thought out and planned, most of us made some sort of resolution recently. Promising to lose weight, eat healthily and start exercising are consistently some of the most common (and most commonly broken!) New Year’s resolutions.

Why do so many people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions? There are many health benefits of losing weight, with the added bonus that it can make you feel more self-confident and improve your emotional wellbeing. But it can be difficult to find ways to motivate yourself and lose weight. Part of the problem is that we make goals to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’, without specifying exactly how to do or measure this. So here are my 4 top tips on how to make specific and realistic New Year’s resolutions that you can stick to:

1. Have a realistic goal

The recommended rate of weight loss is 2lbs a week. If your goal requires you to lose a lot more than this and slash your eating, it’s not realistic or healthy. A yo-yo diet won’t do any favours for long-term permanent weight loss

2. Make your resolution specific

If your goal is measurable, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Hop on those scales, measure yourself and calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This will tell you what your healthy weight range is. Ideally, you should aim for a target weight that gives you a BMI in the healthy weight category for your height (18.5 to 24.9). You can calculate your BMI on our homepage.

If your goal is to improve your fitness, consider a specific goal such as working up to running 5km.

3. Don’t do it on your own

Having friends and family support you as you try to lose weight can be incredibly helpful. Dieting with a friend makes you far more likely to lose weight, and gives you a shoulder to lean on. Try joining an exercise class with a friend, it’ll make the first session less daunting and could be good fun.

4. Do it for the right reasons

Think about why you want to lose weight, and don’t just focus on how you look. Psychologists have found that if you only focus on appearance you’re less likely to succeed in the long term. Try to identify other motivations, such as health and emotional wellbeing. Write them down so that if you start breaking your resolutions, you can remind yourself.

For more information read this article on goals in your diet plan.

Good luck with your resolutions and have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx