Guest Blogger: Katy Swan

I’ve been so moved recently to see a community of Jane Planners building on Twitter. In particular it’s been lovely hearing from Yvonne, who’s already lost 4 stone, Ceri and the gorgeous Katy Swan who have both recently started their weight loss journeys. It’s lovely not only to keep in touch with these ladies and see how they’re doing, but also to see how they support each other as this can be so helpful when trying to lose weight.

Here at Jane Plan HQ we’ve also been following Katy’s blog closely, and have found it incredibly heart-warming and honest. So this week I invited Katy to be a guest blogger and have profiled her first blog post on starting her Jane Plan journey.

I hope that you enjoy Katy’s first blog post and feel as inspired as we did by her story. She’s a wonderful writer and we love the authenticity of her voice.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and get tweeting,

Jane xx

Katy Swan (emailed 11.12.15)


Starting my journey with Jane Plan, by Katy Swan

The start of my journey…baby steps!

I chose a start date but I didn’t stick to it because I had a social commitment. The plan recommends that you have a drink free/no eating out first week.  My second start date came and I began.
As every dieter knows, the beginning is easy…its exciting…you still have motivation. But I was hungry. Really hungry. I was getting worried that I’d wasted the cost of a 4 month subscription on a plan I’m not going to be able to stick to!

Support helped me through

I had my first call a few days in – I was told at this point I could eat as many crudités as I liked – this really helped. The hunger slowly subsided and I realised I wasn’t quite hitting the celery as often.
Following a sober (and boring) first week I began to resume my social life. My first commitment was dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I looked at the menu in advance and panicked… I couldn’t see anything on the menu I could eat. What should I do? Cancel? Have a side salad? There isn’t one! Only buttery vegetables! I thought I could test the support via email (one of my reasons for choosing the Jane Plan) – I sent the menu to Jane Plan and very quickly (within an hour) I received a response! My nutritionist suggested either steak with plain veg or another option on the menu with some suggested tweaks. I chose the steak; I knew I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out with a nice juicy steak to eat!
Of course, despite ordering with all the amends, the veg came with butter on. I sent them back! Not only had I found motivation, but confidence and determination to follow this through. I have to say it did take that determination to watch my friends eating truffle fries!!
A number of social events came and went and I managed to make amends to the dishes to stay within my calories. A salad with no sauce and no croutons or another steak. A gin and slim rather than my usual glass of red.
I used my fitness pal to track my calories (and still do 9 weeks in). I checked with my nutritionist and she said this was ok. As I began to lose weight though, the calories started to reduce!

My first slip up

I went for ‘just one drink’ at a reception at work. It started out well. I refused canapé after canapé, but unfortunately I didn’t refuse the wine! As I got more drunk my new-found resolve weakened and I started to say yes to the canapés! Then the macaroons came out. Again, I started off well refusing them but after a while I broke down. Despite the weakness I recorded my consumption in my fitness pal.
The next morning, very hungover, my nutritionist called!! My weekly catch up. My nutritionist was amazing! Tantamount to a counsellor. She emphasised the positives – in the past I would have said yes to every canapé and every macaroon and probably taken some home! This was a key moment in my journey – I learned some new rules –
  • Don’t beat yourself up;
  • Alter your behaviour as best you can;
  • Be better, it doesn’t have to be perfect; and
  • Make up for it afterwards.
lbs lost: 9
lbs to go: 111

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