How To Snack Wisely


Now the weather is so cold, it’s tempting to snack on comfort food like chocolate, cakes and crumpets. In fact, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this week, and a few Lindor have snuck into my diet! But with party season coming up, I’m mindful that now isn’t the time to let standards slip! So I’m trying to be much more conscious of not diving into the biscuit tin, and am trying to go for some healthy options instead.

If you’re also trying to make sure that your snacking is healthy and not ruining your diet, here are my 5 top tips to snack wisely:

Know how much you should snack

I recommend having two snacks a day: the first one 2-3 hours after breakfast will help to keep you energised and curb pre-lunch hunger pangs. Another around 3-4 p.m. will help avoid tiredness in the afternoon.

Stay hydrated to beat sugar cravings

Often its thirst that makes us think that we’re hungry, so drinking lots of water will stop you craving snacks.

Eat the right breakfast

Definitely do not skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal. If you have a filling breakfast, you’re less likely to snack in the day. Try and make sure that you eat protein at breakfast, it keeps you fuller for longer. Eggs, nuts, fish and seeds are all foods rich in protein.

Don’t be a mindless snacker

This is how we end up eating the entire share bag single-handedly! If you are aware of what you’re eating when you snack, and when you are not hungry anymore, it’ll be easier to reduce your portion size.

Question your snacking motive

Are you snacking because you’re hungry, or because you’re stressed or tired? Before reaching for that chocolate bar, ask yourself why you’re reaching for it and rethink.


So join me in the Christmas calorie countdown, watch that snacking and take comfort in a cup of camomile as opposed to a chocolate cake

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx

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