The Struggle of Finding the Perfect-Fitting Bra

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On Thursday I appeared on Ideal World again to talk about the Jane Plan Diet, and one conversation got me thinking. Despite wearing the same dress I wore the week before, I was asked to pin the front of it because it was showing too much cleavage. How could I have lost or gained weight in a week? But then I realised that I was wearing a different bra, and how much of an effect that can have on our silhouettes and how our clothes look.

When we lose or gain weight, it can affect our bra size as well as dress size. But whilst it seems obvious that you need to buy a new pair of jeans if you drop a size, many women neglect their underwear. It’s an easy trap to fall into, you simply tighten the straps or buy a bra extender rather than going to the shops and finding your new size. Even when we’re buying bras, many of us value the colour, style and price over good fit.

But having a few well-fitted bras in your wardrobe is so important. An ill-fitting bra can lead to backache, pinched flesh and the dreaded ‘backfat’ and ‘quad-boob’(when your breasts are not fully enclosed in the cup, so they spill over the top). But it can be surprisingly difficult to find a well-fitting bra. So here are some tips to make your life easier:

  1. Consider being fitted properly for a bra. Many shops now offer bra-fitting services, including Debenhams, M&S, John Lewis and Figleaves. Bra-fitting professionals can quickly tell you whether your bra fits right, and what your size is. There’s no need to embarrassed, bra-fitters have seen it all before!
  2. Don’t rely on tape measures. By looking at yourself in the mirror, you should be able to tell whether your bra fits:
    • It should feel snug, but not too tight, on the loosest hook. If the bra is slightly loose on the tightest hook, your bra’s back size is too big.
    • Your boobs should be completely enclosed in the cups, if they’re spilling over, the cup size is too small.
    • If the cups feel too big, or you have spare fabric, try a smaller cup size.
    • The band of your bra should be horizontal across your back, not being dragged up. If the band is too tight, your back will look lumpy (this is often called having ‘backfat’).

For more information on how to find the right bra, check out this great article from Good Housekeeping.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane xx

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