Inspiring each other!

Maybe it’s the sunshine and warmer weather but we’re definitely feeling healthy with our office snack choices at Jane Plan this week! Hummus and carrot sticks, strawberries, mangetout – all super nutritious treats and they’ve kept us going when a craving for chocolate or sweet things strike!

I really believe that the positivity of one person can influence others around them! The girls have been getting on really well with training for the upcoming London at Night Pink Ribbonwalk in aid of breast cancer care on 4 July! A team of us will be walking 20 miles across London through the night to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Fiona and Hazel started off by turning their backs on the tube and doing early morning walks to work instead. No mean feat when it entails setting your alarm a bit earlier in the morning! Our nutritionist Áine attended a great fitness class Kayla Itsines who has become famous through her Bikini Body Guide and huge Instagram following and Áine  felt really motivated to follow Kayla’s fitness guide since the class! 20 miles will be nothing for Team Jane Plan at this rate!

This most important thing in this blog is that we need you to sponsor us! We have set-up a Just Giving Page here It’s not too late to join our team and Jane Plan will cover your £30 entry fee. Email if you’re interested! It’s going to be great fun and a great chance to raise money for breast cancer research and care.

In this vein, did you know that it’s bikini day next Sunday 5 July?? We think it’s a brilliant occasion for women AND men to feel body proud! Beachwear is anything from a beautiful katfan, to swimming shorts, to a swimsuit…or maybe even speedos for those men who are feeling super confident!

The most important thing that Jane Plan feel about this day is that we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin no matter what your size! A bit like the #nomakeupselfie social media campaign, we’ve decided to launch our own using the hashtag #nationalbikiniday on Twitter and Facebook

In next week’s newsletter, myself and the gorgeous girls form Jane Plan HQ are going to be posting selfies in our favourite beachwear! Lots of amazing Jane Planners have sent us lovely shots  of themselves in beachwear over the last few months, so we want to join in the fun! Want to join too – just get positng on twitter or Facebook or email pictures to

Have a brilliant week!

Jane, xx

Making connections

There’s nothing better than getting to meet people who have tried Jane Plan. On Tuesday, I got to meet one of my long-standing and most successful Jane Planners, Matt Freedman. It was so great to meet in person after emails and telephone calls. You can’t put a price on meeting someone face-to-face!

Matt has done so brilliantly on the Plan and at his heaviest weighed 15st 12lbs and now weighs 11 stones 7lbs – incredible right? He has exceeded his goal of getting down to a weight of 12 stone and kept going with real gusto! He’s a true example of where focus and determination can get you.

I loved hearing his stories of some his best moments on Jane Plan. One was when a tailors wasn’t able to alter a suit for him that he had from before his weight loss as he was too slim for it! It was in his words…a clown suit! He told me about the bitter-sweet feeling of having to buy much smaller clothes which he says feels great, but hurts his wallet!

Losing weight has eased back pain issues for Matt and he is feeling so much more confident and happier, it was so plain to see!  It’s a bit of family affair with the Freedman family and Jane Plan. Matt’s Dad Paul and also Matt’s partner Sarah have lost weight successfully with us. What I took away from the meeting was Matt’s resilience and keen focus to make changes to his health and lifestyle. A keen fisherman, he now walks 6-7 miles a day on a trip and thinks nothing of it!

Another wonderful client who has done so well on Jane Plan is Sharon Strange. She has lost nearly 5 stone and was featured in Bon magazine this month! Make sure to pick up a copy!  Since losing weight, she has gone on to take up horseriding and ballroom dancing and she’s a real inspiration to me. Her calm and positive attitude has carried her so far on her weight loss journey and I love seeing how her confidence and self-esteem has flourished! She’s also taken up dressmaking in her spare time and has a real talent for it – just look at the beautiful 50s style vintage dress she made in the picture?

In exciting news, I’m off to Spain for the weekend and I’m really looking forward to a much needed break. I’ll also be sampling the delicious Spanish food and no doubt be coming back inspired with meal ideas and recipes for new Jane Plan meals!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and if you have any diet or foodie conundrums, do get in touch! I’d love to help.

Until next week!

Jane, xxx

It’s been a week of foodie heaven at Jane Plan!

2015-06-11 04.10.59 It’s all things foodie, delicious and tasty at Jane Plan this week!

We’re so delighted to let you know that we’ve partnered with the delicious, organic food supplier Abel & Cole! They provide delicious boxes of fresh produce right to your door and that’s why we’re working closely with them! They work directly with the best farmers, butchers, bakers and veggie growers in the land! When you order your Jane Plan box, you’ll now get an Abel & Cole voucher inside with a special code to place an order with them. Trust us, losing weight has never been so easy and tasted so good! Stay tuned for a great competition coming soon!

We spent a few mornings this week tasting new meals too which  is music to the Jane Plan team’s ears!! What was on the menu? Fish pie, cereal bars and tuna pasta too! We tried some really yummy stuff so we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening!

It’s been really busy in the press this weekend too and we’ve had our pea and mint soup featured in the i Independent…and even better it’s a series of recipes that will be featuring over the next few weeks so keep an eye out next time you’re at the shops! I’m been busy food styling with Fiona too and we’ve been brainstorming absolutely yummy summer low cal dishes. We got snap happy and shot chilli tuna steak and watermelon, feta cheese and pine nut salad!

Hmm I could tuck in right now!

Here’s wishing you a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!

Best wishes,


What kind of cook are you?

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We’ve had lots of exciting enquiries from the press this week about getting some of our gorgeous ladies as case studies for bikini shoots. I was so happy to have such a collection of beautiful and confident ‘beach body ready’ ladies on our Plan.

It comes on the back of the lovely Lorraine Kelly posing in her bikini age 55 this week. She was photographed without any Photoshop or helpful retouching and I think it’s great that she’s encouraging a healthy approach and fostering confidence, no matter what size a person is. Looking great at the beach is nothing to do about weight loss – it’s about feeling confident in your own skin and having that inner happiness that then shines through and that’s what beauty to me!  Well done Lorraine.

Now, I have a big question for you. Are you a sexist cook? Yes, that’s right – do you apply different cooking methods and preparation when cooking for men and women? Well, here’s my answer, I do so I guess that means I’m a sexist cook! Even at home with my family, I notice that I cook less veggie focused meals for my husband and sons, focusing on things like chilli con carne and red meal based meals, while I make a lot more stir-fry and salad based meals for the daughter and myself. We eat a lot less rice, red meat and heavy carb meals. Before you think that’s quite a statement to make such different meals – let me tell you why I cook differently for genders.

First off – the male and female body as we know are physiologically different and this takes into account calorie intake and portions too. It’s one of the reasons that we recently launched Man Plan. Male Plan takes into account the nutritional, dietary and calorie needs of men – it is about 1,450 a day, while a female focused Jane Plan is approx 1,200 calories per day.

Men have an easier time burning calories than women because they tend to have the height, weight, and muscle-to-fat ratio advantage over women. This means that their basic burn rate of calories is larger to begin with so it means that different ingredients and portions are also more applicable to men and women.

The other thing is that fat distribution is very different in men and women. Women tend more towards a pear shape, with fat retention around the hips, while men store fat more centrally around their belly from where excess weight is more easily lost. The hormone oestrogen also encourages fat storage in women and it explains why women have around 20-30 per cent fat in the body, against just 9­-18 per cent in men. I also attribute men’s success at weight loss to a positive attitude when I look at the menu who sign up to my Plan. They tend to enter a diet with a more up-beat attitude. They believe that the diet will work and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I find that a lot of women have been yo-yo dieters since late teens and even earlier, and this can impact the way women approach eating and weight loss goals.

So tell me, do you cook different meals for the men and women in your life? Do you mind portions or all eat the same at dinner time? I’d love to hear your dinner and shopping routines!

Lastly, Fiona at Jane Plan HQ got her London Night Walk training off to a fantastic start and walked from her home to work this week! It took her 1 hour 20mins, she took 11,089 steps and walked 9.65km! Wow well done Fiona we’re so impressed…I better get my skates on and join the fitness buzz that taking hold in our office! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for all the things we get up to as the race gets nearer!

Best wishes for a great weekend ahead!

Jane, xx