Pinch and inch

I was out with my trainer earlier this week and I have a confession, I exercise because I have to, not because I necessarily enjoy it! After chatting a bit more we found out that one of my main problems with motivation is exercising without a goal.  I decided to have a think about what I could do to motivate myself and to see noticeable changes.

Rather than having an exact goal weight, I’ve decided to make my goal a flatter tummy. I want to get rid of my muffin top! I’m 48 years old and as many ladies my age will know, even though we eat healthily and exercise in moderation, weight starts to creep on around the middle. Yes, I have flabby tummy!  I want to be able to wear a pair of skinny jeans and a white t-shirt this spring and not feel self-conscious or cover up with a long cardigan. It’s all about being comfortable in our own skin and I know that toning up, making wiser food choices, cutting down on the alcohol and trying to lead a less stressful life will help with this.

To look at me, you can see that I’m a slimmish frame and I’m a healthy weight. I follow a pretty healthy lifestyle but it’s not perfect, I love a glass of wine and biscuits with my tea! So it’s not surprising that I’m battling with the bulge. It’s a bit daunting for me, but I’ve taken the plunge, done a selfie and posted the pictures of the area that I’m trying to work on..(gulps)…my stomach and middle!

I’ve decided to take up a lent challenge and say goodbye to the sweet stuff to give a boost to my diet. That means zero refined sugar for 40 days. I’m not going to lie; it’s tough already as the girls in the office will tell you! In an effort to give each other a bit of moral support, the whole of Jane Plan HQ are facing challenges too. Hazel is joining me in a sugar ban, Bobbi is working to maintain her goal weight after finishing her 1 Month Jane Plan and losing 8lbs, Emily is training for a half-marathon, Fiona is trying to drink 1.5 litres of water a day and Steph is going for her five a day portion of fruit and veggies!

Strength in numbers!! Wish us luck and let us know what you’re giving up…or taking up this lent?

Jane,  xx

Ps I’m going to post pics of my tummy every week so you can see if making this small change to my diet really makes a difference!

2 thoughts on “Pinch and inch

  1. Good for you. I gave up pizza as it had crept back into my diet . Good to have goals fires up the spirit. Also nice to know I am alone with my food journey.


    1. Thanks Sue! I actually found it daunting to post this entry but I think we all have things that we want to improve so that’s what this blog is about – honest advice and tips. Thanks for sharing too!


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